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The Annual Bloomsday Marathon--a 24-hour non-stop reading of James Joyce's Ulysses.  Co-sponsored by the Mulberry Poets and Writers Association.

The 2003 reading will take place on Sunday, June 15, midnight-midnight, inclusive, and will feature focuses on Chapter 15:"Nightown" Chapter 17:"the Chatecism" and Chapter 18:"Penelope/Molly's Soliloquy".

3 pm NightTown Jason Sherry, Vanessa Norton, Fr. Joseph Gilbert, John Bert

8 pm The Catechism Michael Wetmore

10 pm Penelope/Molly's Soliloquy Maureen McGuigan & Alicia Grega-Pikul

Yes, it's a day early. But what lovely way to spend Father's Day!

Chloe took some photos last year. Thanks!

Drop us a line to sign up to read.

James Joyce will not be able to attend.

"yes I said yes I will Yes."