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alternative to noise
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Some shows over the past few years.....
Do you have any photos? We'd love to see them....

I'm forever blowing bubbles.... a bad habit I've had since college, and only encouraged by Mr. Bromberg....

your a2n host and webmaster wondering if there can be such a thing as a square bubble....

Many of the below photos are courtesy Chloe. Much, much more can be found on her website at Watermelonpunch.

Alex DeVirgilis performs with toys at the 6-hour HAPPY TIMES.

KK Gordon Michael J Paulukonis & Popcorn in the Theater of Automatic Instruments

Alicia Griga-Pikul feels her way around Connie's Box



James Matthew Shyn paints during the 6-hour HAPPY TIMES

Michael makes tinfoil beanies to keep the radiation out at the 6-hour HAPPY TIMES


Nathan Hedman with Matthew Meli and Alex DeVirgilis

There's always a fresh pot of coffee available (if YOU make it!).


so when are YOU going to be on-stage?