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therefore: live! in concert the studio!

Monday, February 3, 8pm
FREE! but a $5 donation is encouraged.
($3 for seniors, students and starving musicians).

therefore present a night of extended music format, a evening that blurs the lines between live performance and in the studio experimentation. the AFA Gallery will be turned into a lab where the artists are seen in a production/assembly mode versus the more popular posturing/enterntainment approach. Complaints of "this doesn't sound anything like their record" will not apply this night. Rather, this is exactly what the record is going to sound like! Please attend and support and encourage therefore as they assemble the tracks for their upcoming release L.G.F.C.A.

therefore surfaces as various incarnations from a pool of approaches and near misaims. Calculated yet improvisational, meditative and simultaneously anxiety-infused, the path may be straight, but full of self-placed obstacles. It is that sound between a lost past and an uncertain future. Almost 6 years old, therefore continues to incorporate elements of punk, progressive economics, and sonic graffiti, to analyze the production and distribution of goods and services of art/music and its various guises.

The experimental duo originated in Lewisburg, PA, as Michael Kaufman and Wayne Feldman. therefore’s improvised punk aesthetic lends itself to a unique sound that could last for microseconds or months.

therefore October 1997, cassette, self-released
contact December 1997, cassette, self-released
constant March 1998, cassette, self-released
Khrom March 1999, compact disc, Inlet Recordings
chalkline ep February 2000, MP3, www.mp3it.com
North County ep June 2000, MP3, www.mp3it.com
four sided composition: live at the Knitting Factory ep November 2000, MP3, www.mp3it.com
pure sound tourism (üüm remixes) ep March 2001, MP3, www.mp3it.com
identicator ep October 2001, MP3, www.mp3it.com
ocean December 2001, cassette, Sounds Are Active
The No Tornado Party ep February 2002, MP3, www.mp3it.com
suitcase_cactus August 2003, CD, InTransit
One-of-a-Kind Cassette Series, 1997 to Present, ongoing artist produced and distributed free unique recordings. To date 380 separate releases.

Commissioned Work:
no.19 June 2002, promotional music for The Lotus Collection, a Nepal based designer fabric company.
no.18 July 2002, music for the dance piece C-blue: ...of my travels..., for Muegra Productions, a German dance troupe.

Selected Projects:
Art for the Extension of the Forces of the 1900's September 1997, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA
Re: Rauschenberg May 6 - July 8, 1999 Marcel Sitcoske Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Continuous cassette tape distribution program.
Geoaural November 6-9, 1999, Various Sites, Olympia, WA
A series of site-specific sound replacements.
Or Tide September 1-16, 2000, Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Philadelphia, PA
Listener edited public site sound installation.
Tapegerm Guest Artist September, 2002, www.tapegerm.com
Web-based collaborative remix project.

Selected Performances:
Allegheany Deforestation Protest October 12, 1997, Lewisburg, PA
8 Hours, 16 Radios August 17, 1998, Arrowspace, Olympia, WA
22 Hour Performance January 21-22, 1999, Arrowspace, Olympia, WA
5th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival June 18, 1999, Midnight Sun, Olympia, WA
30 Hour Performance July 17-18, 1999, Qualtech Industries, Olympia, WA
8 Hour Performance November 9, 1999, University of Redlands, Redlands, CA
KAOS Radio November 17, 1999, 89.3 FM, Olympia, WA
8 Hour Performance at Full Nelson 3 March 2, 2000, Seattle, WA
6th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival June 18, 2000, The Voyeur, Olympia, WA
8 Hour Performance sponsored by Big Orbit Gallery July 15, 2000, Buffalo, NY
Gospel Plasma Multimedia Festival August 31 - September 3, Various Sites
Live Soundtrack Performance to the film Olympia, September 4, 2000 Occularis, Brooklyn, NY
8 Hour Performance November 6, 2001, Afa Gallery, Scranton, PA
8 Hour Performance November 8, 2001, The Terrace Club, Princeton, NJ
Mail Pattern, December 1, 2001, Cathedral Webcast Festival, www.monroestreet.com
8 Hour Performance April 1, 2002, Concord Public High School, Concord, NH
New Artists Series April 2, 2002, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
MINI[]MAX, August 1, 2002, Brisbane Powerhouse Centre for the Live Arts, Brisbane, Australia

therefore's Wayne Feldman was most recently seen impersonating a performance artist in the Jan 11 HAPPY TIMES marathon. therefore have previously appeared on the Afa "stage" in the December, 2002 a2n cabaret (with Michael via MPEG-video); and in their solo 8-hour concert in 2001.

Some of therefore's sonic mayhem can be found here and here.