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Original Play Readings

Works-in-Progress that are pretty darn close to finished.

Finding Miss Kubelick

by Mark Zdancewicz
Sunday, February 23, 4pm
Due to adult language and situations, this performance may not be suitable for all audiences.
"Finding Miss Kubelick" is a black comedy that takes a very cynical look at love and the many forms it assumes. It poses the question, "Is it possible to love someone without wanting anything in return?"

The reading features the talents of Ron Araya, Rachel Andreika, Jack Evans, Jane Fagley, Ellen O'Brien, Dan Rossi, Michael Paulukonis, and Alicia Grega-Pikul.

Mark Zdancewicz says "I've acted in some plays around here, directed some plays around here and written some plays. I'm a better director than I am an actor and, in my own humble opinion, I think I have the potential to be a good playwright. The end." Billy Wilder's The Apartment, starring Shirley MacLaine as Miss Kubelick, is his favorite movie.
photo by Michael Paulukonis
(L-R) Alicia Grega-Pikul, Mark Zdancewicz, Jane Fagley, Jack Evans, and Rachel Andreika.
photo by Chloe Kaczenski

Sonora Mushroom

OR How to Save the World Without Really Trying OR Love is a Seeing Eye Dog

by Alicia Grega-Pikul.

December 8 2002, 6 p.m.
A staged reading featuring the talents of Jack Evans, Greg Korin, Joseph Lawler, Tim Hopkins, Sarah Stachura, John Schugard and Maureen McGuigan.

All the world's a stage....