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NYT: new opera At least the Paris National Opera is doing its bit to renew the opera repertory....
Posted by michael p at 3/6/2003 11:24:55 AM | permalink
Theater Actors Plan Anti-War Protest ( Nat'l AP story cites Michael Paulukonis "who runs the performance series at AFA in Scranton" in this Lysistra Project story. Ran internationally.
"It struck a chord in me" my words were used as a pull quote in the CNN (online) version of the article. Appeared pretty much everywhere the same, or intermingled into local stories crediting the AP article. Except, of course, locally. Kudos to the WB Times-Leader for running their own story, Electric City for running a photo and caption, and the Scranton Times-Tribune with a calendar listing. Thanks also Erika Funke at WVIA for the ArtScene interview, Regina and John for the PAX TV spot on "Northeast Currents", a mention on WBRE Channel 16 news broadcasts, and to everybody else. SATURATION!
Posted by michael p at 3/4/2003 10:49:53 AM | permalink
NYT article on Radiant Baby: new musical about Keith Haring.
Posted by michael p at 3/3/2003 07:49:39 AM | permalink
NY Times: The Sound of Fury
Stephen Adly Guirgis became perhaps America's best young playwright by giving voice to a distinctly New York rage - anguished, conflicted and funny in spite of itself.
Posted by michael p at 3/2/2003 08:04:13 AM | permalink

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